Artist's Corner

Fashion Guru's and MUA's

For decades day, students from grade 9-12 dressed up as different decades. Grade 9 was 60’s. Grade 10 was 70’s, grade 11 was 80’s, and grade 12’s was 90’s. Here are some of the most iconic outfits. Can you guess what decade each person is representing? (To check click on the image)

Graphic Design and Photography Club

Colonel By's Graphic Design and Photography Club created some amazing academia themed artwork. Thank you Amanda, Emily, Marisa, and Mathilde for your incredible art!

Art Club

Cb’s talented Art Club created some amazing artworks based on the theme of “Reflection”. Thank you to Helena, Megan, Amari and Meghan for your incredible work!

If you make art and are interested in getting featured on CBN’s Artist’s Corner, make sure to email ( or dm (Keemya_Fazel).